Our services


We provide tailor-made and creative solutions to your company’s technical or organisational challenges.


We are dedicated to finding new, state-of-the art methods to answer your company’s needs efficiently.


We offer inhouse or external training in various topics including hard skills as well as new techniques.


We offer temporary solutions to compensate for an absence or unexpected departure.

Why choose us

Highly-skilled consultants

Our consultants are continuously trained in new techniques so as to provide your company with state of the arts methods, creative approaches and efficient solutions to your challenges.

Rapid availability

Unexpected departure? Time sensitive project? We can rapidly assemble a team of one or more actuaries and a coach or expert, depending on your mission’s requirements.

Talent retention

Their skills are precisely what your company needs to grow further? As our client, you can choose to hire our consultant after a successful project if there is mutual interest. We offer you a reserve of young talents thanks to our TAP.

Knowledge transmission

If the mission requires a specific set of skills, Detralytics will provide training for their consultants, these sessions are open to your company. The possibility to hire our consultants help enable further the continuity of knowledge in your organisation.

Our unique approach

Our goal is to go further than simple consulting. There are a lot of qualified actors on the market to provide traditional consulting services. If you are interested in a new, innovative approach to actuarial services, as well independant and objective advice, Detralytics may offer you the solution you are looking for.

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