Selected Medical Inflation Papers

Our senior actuaries have been actively involved in working groups and research projects devoted to the management of systematic risk in health insurance (e.g. the KCE study designing the medical index for updating premiums related of hospitalization expenses covers sold in Belgium).

These topics are still under investigation by our team and here is a selection of recent contributions to this field:

  • Denuit, M., Dhaene, J., Hanbali, H., Lucas, N., Trufin, J. (2017). Updating mechanism for lifelong insurance contracts subject to medical inflation. European Actuarial Journal 7, 133-163.(Link to PDF)
  • Christiansen, M., Denuit, M., Lucas, N., Schmidt, J.-Ph. (2017). Projection models for health expenses. ISBA Discussion Paper, UCL.

A research project has been started in September 2017 with the R&D unit of a major mutual operating in Belgium, to investigate the evolution of morbidity and the concentration of health costs near death.

Practical aspects of medical premium indexing on the Belgian market have been considered in:

  • Denuit, M., Dhaene, J., Hanbali, H., Lucas, N., Trufin, J. (2017). Hospitalisation : le nouveau mécanisme belge d’indexation. Monde de l’Assurance 2017.05, 39-46 (a Dutch version of this work has been published in the Verzekeringswereld).(Link to page)
  • Hanbali, H., Claassens, H., Denuit, M., Dhaene, J., Trufin, J. (2016). Application de l’indice médical dans les contrats d’assurance maladie en Belgique. Working Paper, Department of Accounting, Finance and Insurance (AFI), KU Leuven.(Link to PDF)

For an exhaustive list of publications on this topic, please refer to the individual CVs of Michel Denuit and Julien Trufin.