Donatien HAINAUT, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor

Donatien Hainaut is Scientific Director at Detralytics Donatien and professor at UCLouvain where he is Director of the new Master program in Data Science, statistical orientation. Prior to this he held several positions as associate professor at Rennes School of Business and the ENSAE in Paris. He also has several field experiences having worked as Risk Officer, Quantitative Analyst and ALM Officer.

Donatien is a Qualified Actuary and holds a PhD in the area of Assets and Liability Management. His current research focuses on contagion mechanism in stochastic processes and applications of neural networks to insurance.


Finance, Data Analytics (Machine Learning and IA for insurance)


Finance/Life (Statistical finance, Variable annuities and Life insurance pricing, Inflation models, Self-exciting point process (Hawkes process), Life table modelling, Processus "Rough")