Our philosophy

The founding partners of Detralytics include Michel Denuit, Julien Trufin, Alexandre Jacobs and Anthony Weemaels. Anthony and Alexandre have dedicated their careers to finding the perfect profiles to answer companies' needs. Michel and Julien are both renowned professors from Belgian universities, who concentrate on the advancement of actuarial sciences and the solving of the profession’s future challenges. Their involvement is a guarantee that we go beyond traditional consulting. We put an important focus on R&D, innovation and continuous training, both for technical and softer skills. Detralytics is the unique combination of academic expertise, deep career and market knowledge. This allows us to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution package.

Our values


“We provide long term advice and solutions and give to our clients the keys and knowledge to carry on projects and R&D missions we have implemented. We also facilitate «the cycle of actuarial life»: introduction of graduates on the market, talent rotation, career orientation as well as continuous personal and technical training.”

Market understanding

“We believe we cannot provide innovative solutions and quality service without a deep understanding of your business, but most importantly of the market, its evolution and its stakeholders. We execute continuous research on innovations, regulation, models and techniques, and have an extensive network.”


“We pledge to provide quality tailor-made solutions to our clients, always. Our consultants strive every day to become the best in their fields, and are always supervised by recognised experts.”


“There is a solution to any actuarial problem. It may not have been discovered yet. At Detralytics we are focused on R&D and dedicated to finding creative ways to answer your challenges.”